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We are an ARRL affiliated club, with over half the membership belonging to the league. ARRL Club Number: 2000765629

Mission Statement

Amateur Radio Euless is an eclectic group of radio enthusiasts who seek to enjoy and explore diverse aspects of the amateur radio hobby, and provide benefit to the communities in which we live.

We strive to serve all of our members in the best ways possible. Some of the many ways in which we do this we consider very important. These are our Key Purposes: Friendship, Emergency Preparedness, Club Meetings, Special Events, Public Service, Nets, Training, License Exams, and Repeaters.

Amateur Radio is best known to the general public for its role in emergency communications during disasters. Despite many advances in communications technology, emergency management agencies and relief organizations continue to call upon Amateur Radio for assistance and to respect the contribution made by radio amateurs during times of crisis.

For its licensees, Amateur Radio is not only an opportunity to serve the community during emergencies but also a source of friendship, recreation, and personal growth. In addition, many people began their path towards careers in electronics and wireless communications with experiences in Amateur Radio as children and teenagers.

Amateur Radio is a significant resource for the classroom teacher in the education of America's youth for life and work in a global, technological society. Applications of Amateur Radio in the classroom help students become employable, informed, conscientious citizens. ARRL, the National Association for Amateur Radio, has developed an education project to introduce teachers to this resource and enable them to make the most effective use of it in their classrooms.